What is?

We build tools and technologies that help citizens and organisations take control of their life in digital environments. We bring together a set of skills and practices on software development, project management and community building.


We are committed to the use of web technologies and free software. We are working with technology built by Mozilla, Wikimedia or Apache.


After years as active contributors and advocates in free software movement, our working methods have been shaped by the culture of openness, participation and sharing. We are focused on results and with the right amount of analysis and informed decision making.


We develop tools and set up services: from Semantic MediaWiki extensions to offline webapp solutions.


We deploy and optimise already existing platforms into websites and custom web-services.


We support individuals and organisations by preparing workshops, facilitating the process of new technology adoption and supporting the start of civic engagement programmes.

Alina MierluČ™

Alina Mierlus

Alina MierluČ™

Toni Hermoso Pulido

Toni Hermoso

Toni Hermoso Pulido

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